Comprehensive Product Design

Have an idea? Need a solution? Kyflo specializes in bringing products to mass market at any phase.

Mechanical Engineering

Kyflo also offers design of complex mechanical systems and parts

Target Design Goals

target areas such as safety, mechanical stress, thermal properties, fluid dynamics etc.

Design for Solution


Design for Scale

Feel comfortable knowing there’s room to grow.  Completely adaptable workflow to target speedy one-offs or cost efficient mass manufacturing for the global market.

Prototyping services include 3D Printing, Metalwork, CNCing and packaging

Breathe easy knowing manufacturing and logistics concerns are handled behind the scenes.

Complete scalability. Ground-up design for cost efficient volume production and ease of assembly.

About Kyflo

Quality, Simplicity and Elegance are the design philosophies Kyflo stands for. No project is ever taken on without careful consideration and planning to get you the best product possible. High standards and competitive pricing are what sets Kyflo apart from the rest.

Kyflo design Inc. Is owned and operated by Kyle Fredericks. With 6+ years of product design expertise and a Mechatronics engineering background, I feel confident that low overhead costs can translate to high-value design services without sacrifices in quality.

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