About Kyflo Design

What exactly is Kyflo Design?

Kyflo Design is a one stop shop for everything product design and fabrication. everything from one off mechanical parts to ground-up product design to mass production and store shelves.  Every aspect of the design process can be overseen and approved or it can all run on auto-pilot, your call!

Who runs Kyflo?

Kyflo Design Inc. is owned and operated by Kyle Fredericks.

I am an individual who is incredibly passionate engineering and product design. With 6+ years of experience I have designed for industries such as Medical, Consumer, Industrial, Mining and Military while also developing skills in Mechanical engineering, Electronics design, software development and marketing and advertising. I’m someone who only expects perfection and everyday I strive to better myself and my work.

How costly is product design?

the short answer is that it is unfortunately considerably costly. As a gross ballpark, small no- electronic products are the most cost friendly at <$10K to design and establish prototypes for mass production.

moderate size/complexity products that involve electronics generally range around >$20K to $50K assuming multiple iterations need to be made or changes to prototype electronics.

My aim is to half the current costs of product design or more. Since all work is done in-house without being contracted out, as well as not having other employees or overhead, I can keep development costs to an absolute minimum.

Will Kyflo fabricate my own design or 3d file I have?

Sure!, If minor mechanical development is needed to get a functional prototype, I can definitely get you there. We can also develop a strategy for adapting the design for manufacturing ie: injection molding, optimizing materials and  assembly steps.

Are Kyflo services only avalible in Toronto?

Design services are incredibly flexible, we can operate remotely through conference calls, email or skype.

How large a company is Kyflo?

Kyflo is just getting off the ground, it’s an exciting time. Currently overhead is very minimal so that translates to a very low cost service. The prime focus indefinitely is getting the best product possible while keeping a baseline level of high quality.  If the quality level absolutely cannot be hit at your particular budget then I will make that clear first and foremost and decline the project. Quality is number 1 .