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Electrical Design & Engineering

Whether your product interfaces with the world through WIFI or bluetooth, touchscreens or cap-sense, motors or sensors; Kyflo has over a decade of electrical design experience ready to transform your ideas into low cost, mass manufactured, highly reliable and profitable products.

Design for The Final Product

Full PCB and electronics designed in house with final form factors in mind.

Design for Compatibility

Interface with the world through modern technologies, RF, Touchscreens, etc

Design for A Modern Marketplace

Driving complexity down, Costs and labour to an absolute minimum

Design for Quality

Quality and reliability are relentless drivers during every stage

Electrical Design Excellence Through Proven Success.

Kyflo Design layout preview, electrical engineering, electrical design, mechanical product design Kyflo Design Schematics preview, electrical engineering, electrical design, mechanical product design

Understanding Electrical Engineering Services

Even from the beginning of product conception, Electrical engineering is carefully considered.  Diving into product visualization requires understanding what is possible with today’s technology and what can be done cost effectively.

Electrical engineering and design forms the basis for converting modern ideas into cost profitable products. Whether your product is used by touchscreen or bluetooth connected to mobile phone, utilizes sensors and motors to move and operate, displays information by lcd or leds, these are all things that are required for a effortless and smooth user experience.

Kyflo will work closely with your team to develop a strategy for:

  1. How your product interacts with the world
  2. What is the estimated size of the product based on the electronics needed
  3. An estimation on the size of the battery or how long it would last
  4. Reducing the complexity of the idea- emulating functionality through software instead of costly components.
  5. The estimated technology or compute required
  6. The interaction or driving of mechanical components in the assembly
  7. Safety and reliability of the system
  8. And many more…

What is the benefit of Kyflo?

  • Gone are the days of the inefficient flow of information between mechanical, electrical and manufacturing departments resulting in slow costly development, confusion and untapped potential.Kyflo’s specialty is the fusion of electromechanical development and manufacturing, designing solutions from the ground up that utilize every last drop of efficiency in design.  There is no “hand-off” in the design process where mechanical-electrical- and manufacturing engineering is not considered all at once.


  • Low overhead, An optimized design process and a strong interconnected Asia-based manufacturing network is key to reducing costs, speeding up manufacturing and maximizing profit

Comprehensive Electronics Design & Engineering

What kind of Electronics development?

Kyflo excels at digital systems of basic up to intermediate complexity; sensors, motion & motor control, digital displays, motion feedback, USB, Ethernet, WIFI, Bluetooth, NFC, tactile interfaces, high speed signals or low speed communication.

What technology does that include?

8,16, or 32bit micro-controller architectures, Electrical schematic design, 2/4/6 layer PCB design, QFN and BGA densities, Kyflo is very competent at FPC/rigid-flex flexible circuit designs with tight interconnects for compact miniature formfactors.

Can Kyflo work alongside my team?

Yes! Comfortably and flexibly Kyflo can compliment your existing team whether it be full electronics design and embedded firmware or any combination of schematic/layout/firmware or just consulting and review.

Kyflo Design Product Design Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Design and Engineering - Quality electronics designed turn key, concept to mass production