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Industrial Design Samples

Explore form, function, feel and style

What is industrial design?

Industrial design is where design meets the human interface, how a product makes us feel when we use it, what its like to hold or use a product, the emotions we experience when looking at a product. Its where a product goes from functional utility to emotional connection.

Why Is Industrial Design Important?

Industrial design is not something that can be done late in a product’s development, this flawed concept is called “putting lipstick on a pig” for obvious reasons.

Industrial design is the first step to defining the look and feel of the product which drives:

  • Critical adoption and interest
  • Perceived brand quality
  • Customer engagement and satisfaction
  • Brand identity
  • Usability and low friction experiences
  • Final form factor, electronics and mechanics

Typical Industrial Design Misconceptions

Many believe that making a product look good ends up costing extra in manufacturing.

This is NOT true, Making beautiful products can be freely done through textures, part geometry, colours, material choice and manufacturing fabrication techniques to plastic or metal. These parts have to be made regardless with shapes and finishes specified so early involvement with industrial design allows for impressively elegant designs that don’t increase cost.

Some think industrial design is just making a pretty case for your electronics

Again, this is NOT true. What sets Kyflo apart from typical industrial designers is that product technology is explored in parallel with the design process; what technology can we place in the form factor?, what materials and supplier will need to be used for these parts?, how will this be assembled quickly and inexpensively?

With other designers you may end up with a pretty design but no way to realistically manufacture it or know-how on what it takes to deliver the concept to reality. At Kyflo rest assured every concept design is well thought out in technology, materials,capability, manufacturing and supplier network.

Concept To Reality;


Make The Impossible, Possible

Creative package design for any industry

Target your package design needs for wow-factor, eye popping user experience, flat-pack cost optimization or sustainability. Achieve incredible results using premium materials or standard cardstock

Packaging  Design Samples

Uncompromised beautiful packaging at any pricepoint, targeted for cost, sustainability, wow factor or shipping logistics

All packaging designed with specific vendors in mind for low cost manufacture,
Outputs involve CMYK + pantone flat pattern artwork and physical formed mock-ups, specified card-stock/corrugated fibreboard + flute thickness specs